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Audio Visual Systems

There is becoming an increasing need for Audio Visual installations within the sports centre environment.

SFG are experienced and reliable suppliers of Audio Visual equipment for Schools, Universities and Colleges. A mixture of A.V. media can be used for a number of different reasons – digital signage, advertising, games and teaching aids.

A.V. Installations for Education

  • Screens and digital signage solutions in reception and communal areas.
  • Large projection and screens within the sports hall itself. (Having a large projection in a school or college sports hall allows this to be used for individual class time A.V. and also gives the opportunity for a secondary hall).
  • Screens within studios to assist with classes / Dance.
  • Screens within gyms for T.V. / music channels.
  • Video walls.
  • Electric pull down projection screens

SFG are here to discuss your specific needs, ideas and time-scale for installation with the view to making recommendations based on your exact specifications.

SFG can then make a site visit to establish the logistics of installation and to offer recommendations and solutions for you to make the right decision with your A.V. Installation, whether it be for a sports hall, assembly room, lecture theatre, gymnasium or classroom.

SFG offer comprehensive training and support for your A.V. installation. This includes the basic operation of audio and lighting mixing desks, wireless microphones, DJ equipment etc.

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