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Sports Flooring Protection

Protect your Sports Hall Flooring

In many instances a Sports Hall is used for a wide range of activities. These encompass both sporting and non- sporting activities meaning the sports hall flooring is not always treated with the respect it deserves. Therefore sports flooring surface protection is paramount in order to maintain your sports floor in pristine condition and prolong its life a surface protection should be considered a necessity. This is more important for a wood floor than for a synthetic surface.

Giant Carpet Tiles

Our tiles are 2m x 1m and convert a space into a more “luxury” venue for prize presentations, conferences and other functions. Easy to lay and store. An average sports hall area can be stacked in two piles thereby taking up 4m2 of storage space. 2m x 1m.

Colours Available

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Fibre Bonded Giant Carpet Tiles

Size – 2m x 1m
Pile weight – 570g/m2
Total weight – 3.1kg/m2
Total thickness – 5.2mm

£30.50 per tile + VAT

Attractive discounts available on all orders over 200 tiles

Carpet Tile Storage Transporter

Specially designed to store and transport Giant Carpet Tiles.

Tried and tested by our specialist flooring engineers, SFG have ensured this robust trolley is ideal to store and transport the tiles, whilst protecting your sports floor.

Non marking, braked castors enable the loading of 100 tiles (200m2) safely.

Images above left: Fully loaded trolley easily moved. Right: Trolley with aprox 340 tiles in storage.

Designed to protect your sports surface for social and other events, Protectiles is an effective occasional floor protection system. Each tile is 2m x 1m. The tiles can be easily and quickly installed and removed thanks to the carpet tile trolley.

£750.00 + VAT

These products offer a durable sports floor protection. They are suitable for protecting sports floors during examinations, concerts and other activities. They will also protect from high heels, tables and chairs. If the hall is used for social functions and income generation Giant carpet tiles will assist in providing a premium quality environment.

FlorProtec V Vinyl

The vinyl sports flooring protection rolls are extremely durable and can be used repeatedly for exams, assemblies and much more. Each roll is available in 20m, 33m and 40m lengths and all are 1.5m wide.

A hard wearing PVC product, designed especially to withstand examination desks and chairs as well as stiletto heels!

Florprotec V grey fitted over half of the hall at Esher High School opening
Available in Green or Grey.
1.5m x 20m – £215 + VAT
1.5m x 33m – £299 + VAT
1.5m x 40m – £350 + VAT

Low Tac Tape

Low Tac tape is optional as you may find that the FlorProtec V Vinyl holds its self in place once the exam desks and chairs are in place.

Low tac tape 75mm x 132m in Grey or Green

£18.00 + VAT per roll
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