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Sport and Play Buildings

Sport and Play Buildings are an excellent option to cover existing sports areas or create new indoor spaces to be used for activities in schools, universities, or sports clubs.

Options to buy or rent

One of the great features of this building is the option to rent on an ongoing basis, with a further option to buy outright at any point, knowing that the scale of prices has been fixed from the start. It can even be rented for a small period and then be removed when it is no longer required. This means no big capital investment decisions need to be made before the building has been installed.


The building has an aluminium portal frame using steel sheet wall cladding for the sides which are connected to a PVC roof creating a water – tight seal. The PVC roof is translucent allowing daylight into the building. The roof is dual layered with air blown between the layers which prevents any internal condensation.

The building can be erected on any surface, with no footings or foundations required. This facilitates an extremely quick installation time of around 3- 4 weeks once planning has been achieved. The nature of the structure is very flexible and the size can be extended easily if required. It can also be relocated from site to site if necessary.

When Hiring

Hiring the building can be much less stressful than trying to buy a building outright. No large capital outlay is required. If needed it can be erected on existing ground with no base or groundworks required. There would be no maintenance cost as this would be our responsibility under the hire contract, furthermore if plans should change and the building is no longer required, we only need 7 days notice. Although the width span of the building is limited to 35m when hiring, the structure can be of any length.

Guide Costs for Sport & Play

Download guide costs below (These are guide costs only and are subject to site survey)

15m x 20m Guide Costs PDF
35m x 20m Guide Costs PDF

Maxi Sport and Play Buildings

The Maxi Sport and Play Building is designed to cover larger areas that require uninterrupted floor space.  These buildings are available up to a 60m width span and at any length that is required. This building is perfect for large areas made up of 2, 3 or 4 tennis courts or netball courts, even AstroTurf and 3G pitches.


This building is made from a steel portal frame using a steel sheet wall cladding for the sides. The roof can be a dual layered PVC material, allowing daylight to be dispersed into the playing area. The PVC cover has air blown in between the layers to prevent internal condensation. Alternatively, the roof can steel clad, either way the building is water-tight and weatherproof. The building meets British standard BS6399 for wind and snow loading.

Guide Costs for Maxi Sport and Play Buildings

Download guide costs below (These are guide costs only and are subject to site survey)

36m x 40m Guide Costs PDF

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