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Specialist Outdoor Scoreboards

Quickscore offer a range of SMART multi-functional scoreboards available to clubs, schools and colleges of all sizes with various income generating tools available.

Quickscore SMART. We have solutions for everyone, whether you are a local sports club, school, college or professional stadium. Quickscore is a world-class scoreboard with multi-functional and multi-sports capabilities (cricket, rugby, football* and hockey*). We offer our clients a unique product which not only gets used as scoreboard, but also can be used as an outdoor cinema, can play videos or slide shows for events or parties and also coaching videos.

*released in summer 2017

Advanced Technology

Bringing next generation scoreboard technology to clubs and schools. Displaying in-depth individual stats, match stats, match highlights and milestones. Wirelessly controlled by the CricHQ or TCS scoring Apps and Quickscore Rugby/ Football/ Hockey and Media Player Apps.

Generate Income

Quickscore’s digital advertising platform offers a great opportunity for clubs, schools, colleges, universities and professional grounds to generate advertising/ sponsorship revenue for 12 months a year and an excellent opportunity to maximise return on investment.

Outdoor Cinema

Quickscore SMART Scoreboards easily convert to outdoor cinema screens/ video playback giving you the opportunity for movie nights/ afternoons and a new way of attracting members and pupils to the club or school.

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