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Stackable Grandstands – Versatile Portable Sports Seating

Our stackable grandstands are made of four portable sports seating modules with lengths of 280cm, 240cm, 200cm, 160cm and one a stair module of 120cm for a total length of 10 metres and average capacity of 70 spectators. Each section can be used individually or any combination can be supplied to fit your desired length.

The stackable grandstand has a varnished steel structure with wooden walking and seating areas. Each module can be tipped up and transported on the four pivoting wheels installed on the rear of the structure. Each module can then be stacked, on wheels, one inside the other in order to save storage space at just 280cm x 150cm x 200cm height.

SO7678 – £4,995.00 + VAT.

Sections can be bought separately to create other combinations of numbers of seats.

Outdoor & Swimming Pool Stackable Grandstands

Manufactured in galvanised steel with weatherproof seats and treads.

SO7679 – £5,295.00 + VAT

Portable Sports Grandstands

An ideal compact stand 2m wide with 3 steps and 12 polypropylene seats mounted onto a varnished steel structure (galvanised steel for outdoor version)

Tip onto wheels for mobility.

SO7668 – For indoor use £1,250.00 + VAT
SO7669 – Stair Module (for SO7668) £750.00 + VAT
SO7670 – For Outdoor use £1,350.00 + VAT
SO7671 – Stair Module (for SO7670) £780.00 + VAT

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