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Airdomes are an ideal low cost alternative to a permanent building and can be used to cover swimming pools, tennis courts, 5-aside football pitches, volleyball pitches and many other activities.

The airdomes are constructed from a clear polythene material with no additional supporting structure and are kept inflated by a continuous running fan creating an internal pressure. Entrance is via a revolving door to maintain the slight internal pressure.

The main differences and advantages of our airdomes compared to conventional airdomes are:

  1. The feeling inside an airdome is one of light and space due to the transparent membrane. When covering tennis courts it is like playing outside without rain and wind, therefore feeling much warmer.
  2. As no internal lights are required for daytime use the running cost is kept down to around £10.00 per week for the continuous running fan.
  3. Due to the lightweight construction a three tennis court dome can be dismantled by three men in three hours and re-erected in six hours, allowing the seasonal covering of courts with minimal fuss and expense.
  4. The dome is easily relocated to a different site with minimal cost.

We have installed over a hundred airdomes around the British Isles including Belfast and Dublin. They can be seen at some of the David Lloyd Leisure Tennis clubs, Centre Parcs, Esporta Leisure clubs, L.A. Fitness and many private schools and clubs. They are mainly used to cover tennis courts and swimming pools but have also covered adventure golf courses, swimming pools and cricket nets. Other possibilities include volley ball, bowls, five-aside football, commercial storage, horse riding arena, gymnastics, ice skating, indoor ski-slope or manufacturing.

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