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Climbing Walls

Our specialist offers a number of different climbing wall systems in which to build your artificial climbing wall from for your sports hall or sports centre.

  • Cristalithe – A cost effective panel system for indoor roped climbing wall facilities when budget is limited.
  • Kids & Traverse Walls – Products available for playground and public spaces.
  • Mozaik – A premier panel system for indoor roped climbing and bouldering wall facilities.
  • Rope Protected Walls – Custom made climbing walls to suit any size, shape or budget.
  • Lightwave Low to mid relief custom made re-creations of real rock formations.
  • Bouldering walls – High quality, stylish designs for all abilities.
  • Freeform High relief – Custom made re-creations of real rock formations. The perfect imitation of natural rock.
  • Climbing Towers Standardised or custom made free standing structures.
  • Imprint Patented, modular panel system, exclusive to SFG.
  • Climbing Centres – Free design and business consultancy service provided.
  • Shell Concrete Robust and durable climbing wall and cave construction system.
  • Rock n Road Tower – Custom made, lightweight shape and design.
  • Articulated Walls – Adjustable overhanging walls, a fantastic feature wall.
  • All Inclusive Centres – Specialist suppliers of all-inclusive climbing centres

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