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All Weather Sports Canopies

Bad weather and poor light affect up to 30% of available playing time in the UK. Therefore, the benefits of investing in all-weather sports canopies to provide shade and shelter are clear.

Our all-weather canopies are designed to deliver outstanding performance, aesthetic beauty and durability. These versatile structures represent the ultimate in covered MUGAs (multi-use games areas) and outdoor covered pitches. Furthermore, the PVC tensile membrane cover tensioned over a steel framework offers unrivalled cost efficiency for large-scale sports canopies.

The main features of our systems are:

Superior playing experience

SFG offer a superior playing experience to many enclosed alternatives and provides an open ventilation structure with dry, UV-protected courts. Optional removable mesh sides protect against the wind and rain, while maintaining air flow to prevent condensation and stale air.

Minimal visual impact

Soft curve, one-piece membranes with minimal supporting steelwork provide a modern look. Also, the planning process can be simplified due to the minimal impact of our MUGA covers on views and the floodplain.

Vertical column structure

The vertical column design delivers a compact canopy footprint, which is very important where playing space is limited, and it can be engineered to accommodate most sports.

Flexible design model

Structural columns are located on piled foundations just outside court perimeters, meaning that our canopies are engineered for installation over existing playing areas with minimal disruption.

Our technical expertise enables our all-weather canopies to offer ‘no glare’ ambience, excellent light transmission and outstanding durability, as well as being covered by a class-leading 25-year warranty. Plus, the structures are manufactured in the UK and are designed for low maintenance – for example, by not having any joins to trap dirt or moisture and using fabric coatings to protect against grime.

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