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The Importance of Protecting Your Sports Floor

23rd January 2020

Sports Flooring Protection

It’s coming to that time of year when Schools, Colleges and Universities are starting to think about the exam season. Teachers will be testing the students with previous exam papers, practice runs on specific questions, whilst headteachers will be planning the school around the upcoming exams in May, June and July. Similarly, PE teachers will be trying to plan their lessons without the use of the beloved sports hall, and subsequently dreading what damage may occur to the sports hall floor. By contrast Bursars or Finance Managers will be considering budgeting for sports floor protection.

Why protect the sports floor?

No doubt the school has invested a large amount of money in the sports hall floor, whether it was part of a new build sports hall, a refurbished floor or new sports surface. To keep the playing area in its best condition it will need to be protected from the constant moving and scraping of desks, chairs and outdoor footwear of students when entering and leaving the exam hall, as well as the high heels of the teachers patrolling the hall during the exam.

Sports Hall Flooring Protection

SFG offer Giant carpet tiles. These tiles are 2m x 1m and offer a more luxurious feel and look to the hall. The carpet tiles also have the added benefit of transforming the hall into a warmer, more acoustically friendly environment. Providing this atmosphere will help with the students focus and concentration levels leading to a more successful examination experience.

Many of SFG’s customers have found that the investment in Giant Carpet Tiles has enabled them to transform the sports hall into a multi-use area. Many Schools, Universities and Colleges now see the sports hall as a multi-use hall with it being used for exams, assemblies, parent’s evenings, sports awards and even dinner dance events. This has also benefitted many schools being able to hire out the sports hall for outside events such as weddings, receptions, parties and conferences bringing in extra revenue.

SFG offer two options of Giant Carpet Tiles, the ‘Standard’ and ‘Deluxe’, with the Deluxe being exclusive to SFG. Both versions of these tiles are extremely durable and a great investment.

SFG is committed to the ongoing improvement and upkeep of your sports hall floor.

Sports Flooring Protection and Refurbishment

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