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Cricket Surfaces and Facilities

Sports Facilities Group specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of specialist cricket facilities and cricket equipment including ground equipment, cricket net installation, electronic cricket scoreboards, cricket surfaces, non turf pitches and practice net systems for both indoors and out. Working with ECB guidelines, experienced senior players and our own design engineers, SFG provide high quality products all designed with the highest standards of safety in mind.

Having completed numerous installations throughout the UK we believe the fact we specialise purely in cricket allows us to provide the extra specification required to create the perfect facility. Our specialists can assist and advise on all aspects of installation of specialist cricket equipment from initial design right through to full installation. We draw on years of experience in the industry to help provide the ideal solution for all our clients.

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Cricket Ground Equipment

SFG ground equipment has been designed with the input of professional grounds men, our unique design and the fact we manufacture the product from scratch allows us to produce bespoke products for clubs with specific needs.

We manufacture cricket covers, cricket sight screens and both mobile and portable netting systems using the latest production methods allowing us to deliver the perfect solution for cricket clubs and schools.

Non Turf Pitches & Cricket Nets

We provide the latest technology in artificial cricket pitches offering natural and changeable characteristics similar to a grass strip. This is possible because of the aggregate hard porous sub-base that will perform like a heavy soil in both porosity and performance. The base will absorb an amount of moisture after rainfall and become softer, therefore providing a slower and lower pitch.

Then, after maintenance (rolling) or fairer weather, the base will become firmer and will provide a quicker, bouncier pitch. It is therefore very important to accept that the pitch will require a certain degree of rolling in order for you to enjoy good playing characteristics.

The synthetic element of the pitch surface will include an artificial shock-pad to help reduce the risk of the aggregate base becoming depressed and dispersed. Without a shock-pad, this can most commonly occur at the ‘block-hole’ areas where batsmen dig into the surface with their bats, causing the aggregate to displace, at the bowling area where the bowlers land in a similar area consistently and also where the ball pitches.

The sub-base of 50mm hard porous selected granite stone and fines will, with the action of moisture and compaction, become hard and mimic ground conditions.
The aggregate base beneath the hard porous layer is 50mm of 15 to 6mm of angular stone compacted to give a firm free draining base which is covered with geo-textile to prevent fines migrating from the hard porous layer.
The following NTP installations are available:

  • Match Pitch 30M x 2.74M
  • Batting Ends 11M x 2.74M
  • Bowling Ends 8M x 2.74M
  • Practise Areas 1,2,3,4,5,6 Bay

Outdoor Netting Systems

Manufactured and supplied to the customers exact requirements. The static cage is galvanised and supplied in 33.7od or 42.4od wall steel to aide stability along with sockets and key clamps to the size required.  A 13’6 height pole height allows the pole to stand 12 ft out of the socket, and denominations of 4yd wings 16 being the minimum we advise. Can be supplied only but we advise to be installed by our team of professional engineers.

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